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Light duty failure to provide

Limited Duty - Employee Put in Standby Room

Limited Duty - Withdrawal Of

Full-Time clerk improperly excessed

Driving Privileges Revoked

Improper Unit and Route Review

Special Route Inspection Not Completed Timely or at All

Unsatisfactory Conditions Not Corrected

Inspection Schedule Not Posted Timely

Request to Verify Mail Count Denied

Management Completing 1838-C More Than One Day

Denial of Administrative Leave

Review of Route Adjustments Not Done Properly

Dry-Run Conducted Improperly

Unauthorized Overtime - Improperly Recorded

Comparative Work Hour Report Chart

Crossing Crafts

Failure to Comply with Grievance Settlement

PS Form 3996 - Failure to Provide When Requested

204Bs - Failure to Provide PS Form 1723 to Union

Improper Removal from Hold-Down or Opt

Improper Instructions to Not Complete per M-41

Improper Route Adjustment

Emergency Suspension - Unsafe Driving Practice

Retreat Rights - Failure to Offer - Comparative Work Hour Report

Overtime - Daily Violation - Improperly Forcing Non-ODL and Work Assignment

Improper Drawing of 7 Random Weeks for Form 1840-B

Posting - Failure to Timely Post Vacant Route or Assignment

Transfers - Failure to Honor One in Four or Six Ratio Requirement

Improper Withholding Grade 1 - Failure to Convert PTFs

Improper Withholding Grade 2 - Failure to Convert PTFs

Letter of Warning - Unauthorized Overtime

Notice of Removal - Unsafe Driving Practices

Failure to Comply with Grievance Settlement

Full-Time Flexible - Failure to Create Position and Convert PTFs

Union Not Timely Notified of the Inspection

Carrier Not Timely Notified of Change to Inspection Schedule

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