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Travel Policy

1.    Travel Authorization:
All travels must be authorized in advance by the respective Union Official or department head. Travel requisition should be submitted at least two weeks before the planned trip, including a cost estimate.


2.    Booking Tickets: 
Wherever possible, use budget airlines or the most economical class in reputable airlines. Book tickets well in advance to take advantage of lower fares.


3.    Accommodation: 
Opt for accommodations that provide the best value for money. Use preferred hotel partners if any, to leverage Union discounts.


4.    Ground Transportation: 
Public transportation should be used where feasible and safe. Use ride-share services, like Uber or Lyft, when necessary, as they are often more economical than traditional taxis.


5.    Meals : 
Per diem rates will be provided for meal expenses. These rates should be cost-effective and aligned with the destination’s cost of living.

6.  Use of Personal Vehicles: Personal vehicles should only be used when other means of transportation are not practical or economical. Mileage will be reimbursed at the IRS approved rate.

7.    Expense Reporting: Employees are required to submit a detailed expense report within a week of trip completion. All receipts must be attached for transparency and accountability.


8.    Non-reimbursable Expenses: 
The Union will not reimburse expenses related to personal leisure activities, alcohol, or family/friends accompanying the employee on the trip.
The objective of this policy is to ensure that travel related to Union business is done in an economical, expeditious, and cost-effective manner without compromising employee safety and essential comfort. All employees are encouraged to spend the company’s money as judiciously as they would their own.

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